Winter Pest Control Service

Why Winter Pest Control Service

Each year around December, I head off to one of my customers homes, knock on the door and the first thing I hear is, “isn’t it kind of cold for bugs to be out?” When I hear this I always have to laugh a little on the inside because I know there was a time I would have been asking the same question. It only took years of frantic phone calls in the middle of December and January from people with ants all over their kitchens and lady bugs randomly all over their home to realize there is a need for winter service.

Yes we are in Kalamazoo, Michigan or somewhere around this geographical location which is currently under a good level of snow. However, take a look around you at this moment. You are probably sitting down at your dining room table reading this post from your laptop or curled up in bed reading my rambling from your shiny new iPad. Which ever one it is, I am willing to bet that all the snow I just talked about is not surrounding you personally. Do take note that if you are sitting inside your home and surrounded by snow or extreme cold conditions, take the money you would have otherwise paid for pest service and use it towards a new roof and furnace!

Sorry for the horrible joke there but what I was trying to get at is your house is kept at a warm tolerable temperature all year long and pests are going to like that just as much as you do. Many pests such as lady bugs, box elder bugs, and many times ants find there way in between the siding on your home as things start to get colder outside. Once the extreme cold temperatures kick in they want to move further away from that and eventually find the inside of your home. Once these bugs have reached the inside of your home they can continue to live day to day as if it were summer.

The biggest problem when it comes to these pests is that homeowners that are not experienced with them try several things to get rid of them that typically end up making the problem much worse. Home treatments with cans of Raid, “Bug bombs”, and many other over the counter products are whats known as repellant products and they do not work. They are designed to drive the pest away and only actually kill them if you spray them directly. Once the product is applied and allowed to dry the pest can smell/sense that it is there and will just find another route to get where it wants to go. Essentially you are just chasing the pest around the home because the one place they will not go is outdoors into the cold winter temperatures.

One tip I would like to throw out there for you is what these pests are seeking is food and water. If you can keep water dried and cleaned up at night in areas such as pet food bowls, sinks, and bath tubs this will help to not draw them in. This also includes keeping food debris picked up, even the dog and cat food need to be sealed up tight at night. Leaving it out over night when these pests are going to be most active is the best way to have these guys pay a visit.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking a second to read the post! I appreciate it and let me leave the ball in your court, What types of pests have you seen during the winter inside or outside of your home?

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