Stop Raising Mosquitoes

Stop The Mosquitoes

All the talk in the news lately has been about mosquitoes, ticks and the viruses they’re armed with ready to infect their victims. WWMT recently put out and article talking about mosquitoes being the worst they’ve been in decades. The amount of rain combined with the temperatures we are seeing have certainly caused a bumper-crop year of mosquitoes. I have been servicing more homes for mosquitoes more than any other pest in the last few weeks.  While I’m out there I always come across homes that are creating breeding sites for them. This is always done un-intentionally (I think) and is something that is simply overlooked. Truth be told we have been found guilty of this at our own home as well. We have a hose running to our garden and it drips where two hoses are connected. My wife placed that part of the hose over her garden cart to let thMosquito Controle water drip in and she could then use that to water other areas. Brilliant idea to conserve some water and not to mention we are on a well so it would save the pump from running even longer. Later when the cart was full it was late into the evening and it ended up being left overnight. The next day when you looked closely in the water you could see mosquito larva swimming around.


Find Them

It doesn’t take much time or much water to create a perfect breeding area for mosquitoes. When I’m at my customers homes what I’m finding is that wheel-barrels, kids pools, and things like old tires are left out to collect all of the rain we have seen recently. Each one of these within a few days are breeding 1000’s of mosquitoes to ruin your time outdoors when they start feeding.


I’ve said this a lot but prevention is always the first thing to work on when dealing with pests of any kind. For mosquitoes you will want to check for any sort of item in your yard that will hold water. Make sure that those are stored so they remain empty and dry when not in use, it only takes 24 hours for a mosquito problem to start. Other things that are good to look for is areas in your yard that are collecting water. Low spots in the yard and drainage ditches by the road that are full of leaves are just a couple of examples to look for.


How long has it been since you checked your gutters on the house? If you’re like most people it probably has been some time since you have cleaned them out. I’ve seen houses that has been so long since the gutters have been cleaned they are growing trees. Gutters that are full of debris hold moisture and water creating another area that mosquitoes and other pests will make home.


Treat them

While prevention is important to mosquito control it is not the only step that should be taken if you want the most effective control possible. Treating with a quality pest control product is essential and the second most important step to keeping them under control. At VexGuard we are the only company in the Kalamazoo area using an all natural product combined with a powerful application method to eliminate the mosquitoes from your property. It can be a one time event or keeping them out for the whole summer season, either way we are glad to help keep mosquitoes and ticks from bothering you and your family.


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