Pest and Goal

Pest and Goal

Football is like Pest Control…. Pest Control is like Football….. Nope, no matter how many times I saw it or which way I say it, it just doesn’t make much sense to anyone else.


I love both of these things and since the summer has flown by faster than a fighter pilot, I find myself sitting at the start of my favorite time of year. I can work all day solving pest problems then come home and relax, eat whatever wonderful dinner my wife has prepared and enjoy a game of football with the kids. I am lucky because my wife and kids all enjoy watching football with me. In fact my son Austin likes it so much he says he wants to be the football?? Not my first choice of position but to each their own.


While my family and I were watching an unfortunate game (Michigan Vs. Utah) I was thinking about the day and the work I had completed. As my mind started to wander I realized that football and pest control share a lot of similarities. If it is difficult to follow what I’m talking about please let me explain.


A quarterback (The technician) is only as good as his receivers (the clients) when it comes to solving problems. That problem may be advancing for a first down or excluding mice from entering a home. Then you have the ultimate goal which is a touchdown or total pest elimination within a customers home. As I sat there and watch a pass sail 10 yards past a wide receiver I felt like I was also watching a technician show up to a un-prepared home ready to service it.


As I write this I’m realizing that I may be looking at this the wrong way? Maybe, the pest management professional is actually more like the coach instead of the quarterback? Yes, that sounds better because the technician not only solves a problem, they help coach their clients on how to prevent them in the future. No amount of on field action (placing traps) is going to stop a rodent from entering into a home unless the hole around the air conditioner is sealed off. If the coach does not teach his players to block the hole in the defensive line the opposing player will always run right through.


Ok so you’re still not buying it and maybe for good reasons but maybe we can at least agree on this. Pest control is perfected through study, practice and mistakes. Football is perfected through study, practice and mistakes. Most people who try DIY techniques to solve their own pest problems are rarely successful just as most weekend flag football family gatherings would be left in the dust playing against the Patriots. (They could probably still beat the Lions)


So what was the point of all this? I wanted to simply point out the fact that your pest management professional is your teammate for the long run if you want to keep a pest free environment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this mess of an article, you can now go relax in your pest free home and cheer on your favorite team.


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