15 things about bed bugs you should know

As your Kalamazoo Pest Control, we wanted to list 15 ways to recognize a bed bug. So we wrote this post. It very well could help you prevent bed bugs from happening to you.

  1. Inspect bags when traveling or you could get them
  2. They’re bigger than a flea (most think they’re the same size)
  3. They eat your blood
  4. They love sleeping near your body
  5. They have a smell
  6. They are parasitic
  7. They have bat bugs as their cousin
  8. They can live 6 months without food
  9. Know who your friends are and make sure bed bugs aren’t happening at their place or they come over and bring them to your house
  10. They’re becoming more popular in the United States (not a good thing)
  11. They prefer humans over any other host
  12. They leave blood stains on a bed they live on
  13. You have tools to help you identify them such as Pestpro and Bugguide.
  14. They will bite you and sometimes your body never reacts to them.
  15. They eat during the night while you’re sleeping

Hope this helps you with bed bugs. They’re nasty creatures and have driven many from the home. So please, learn more about them and prevent them from coming to your home. Or you’ll be calling us soon.

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