New Customer Service Portal

Kalamazoo Customer SupportOnline Customer Portal

Starting on September 1st, 2015 VexGuard is transitioning from our current client software to a new one that will provide a greater level of customer support for our clients. This will provide you with a new online portal that is more intuitive and informative than in the past. You will now be able to view past work orders, invoices, see a map of where the technician was parked when your service was completed, and conveniently pay your bill online through the secure Stripe payment processing system.

In our effort to be as Eco-Friendly in all aspects of our business the service portal will also provide you with the ability to store your payment information for easy pay which will automatically deduct the payment from your account after each service has been completed. This combined with email invoicing and work orders will save a lot of paper every month.

In-Truck Printing

Another feature will be in truck printing that will be introduced as well. After we complete your service we can either email your service report or print it off in the truck for you. This means we will not need to have multiple printed copies of service orders. Agreements will also be all digital now and printed on the spot saving us from pre printing multiple agreements.

Appointment Reminders

In the past appointment reminders have not been the most reliable for of communication between VexGuard and our clients. The new system will send out a text message and an email 3 days prior to your regular scheduled service. You will have the ability to accept the date or re-schedule it at your convince. Remember if you have not had any issues inside then you do not have to be home for our technician to service the property, we will only need access around the entire exterior of the property.

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