Top 6 things homeowners do that make pest problems worse

When you first notice a pest problem in your home, the first thing people do is look for a way to solve it by themselves. Typically the reason for this is you’re trying to save some money. After years in the pest control business I’m able to see the outcome of the DIY solution for pests and it almost always ends up costing the homeowner more in the long run. Here are our top 6 reasons you SHOULD call in the professionals when you have pest problems.

Top 6 things homeowners do that make pest problems worse.

1. Purchase the wrong products for the job at hand. Using the wrong chemical is going to chase your pest problem around the home instead of eliminating them.

2. Not reading labels of the products they purchased. Inappropriate application leads to non-target poisoning. With all of the pest control company’s in the world HOMEOWNERS still apply more chemicals then each company combined. Pest management professionals are trained to apply pesticides in ways that provide the least amount of exposure to themselves and others.

3. Not act quick enough when they see the first pest in their home. When you see a pest, especially if its something like a roach or bedbug, it is important to move quickly to avoid becoming infested. Once a pest becomes established they are much harder to eradicate.

4. Expect a one time treatment cure for all pests. Pest control needs to be thought of as an ongoing maintenance for the homeowner. Think of it like mowing the lawn or cleaning inside.

5. Failing to keep up with yard work around the home. Many times we see homes where the vegetation has grown up around the foundation of the home or there is overhanging tree branches. A well maintained exterior goes a long way in preventing pests in the first place.

6. Not following recommendations from their pest management professional. When you go into the doctor office and he writes you a prescription and tells you to take it easy for a few days, that’s what you do. You need to think of any recommendations from your pest technician in the same way. Example: A lot of times we recommend that dog or cat food be sealed up tight and not left out until the pest problem is eliminated. There are reasons behind asking the homeowner to do this and if it’s not done it can prolong the extermination process.


Keeping your home pest free is a team effort, your Pest Management Professional is not able to be at your home 24/7. We need you to be our eyes and let us know when there is a problem if you spot it first. DIY methods seldom work and if you are going to try it on your own first make sure you are purchasing the right products and reading the entire label. You need to be 100% certain you are applying it in the intended way.

I would love to hear from you about any pest in which you have had success controlling on your own?

2 comments on “Top 6 things homeowners do that make pest problems worse

  1. I have to admit, I am guilty of not keeping up the yard work. I often forget to prune trees and bushes. If I had known that the lack of maintenance in my yard was contributing to my pest problem, then I would have made the outside work a priority! Maybe it’s time to hire a gardener and a pest control company and get everything back in order.

  2. Ethel, Thank you for the comment and checking out our blog! Give us a shout if you do decide pest control would be a good service for your home, I can offer you 10% off your initial service if you mention this post!

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